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  • OPINION | Achieving Reconciliation Means Teaching the Truth About Indigenous Peoples in Canada

    In light of the recent discovery of unmarked graves at the former residential schools there has been an increased focused on indigenous issues. Particularly the idea that In order for Canada to truly achieve truth and reconciliation with the indigenous communities within our borders our education system must be modified and reviewed. This includes not only the curriculum, but also the resources available and the teaching methods used by educators.

  • OPINION | Looking to the Past Won’t Help Us Understand Post-COVID Economics

    The unique nature of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in equally unique, and unforeseen consequences, the economy being the main casualty. While it is tempting to compare the present economic circumstances to that of the 2008 recession to do so would be incorrect and in fact dangerous especially when attempting to navigate post COVID economics. Instead, officials should look to different methods and responses in order to rebuild the economy such as through a more sophisticated investment response.

  • OPINION | There Are Risks to Leaving Afghanistan: Biden is Right to Do It Anyways

    Given the failure of the United States in Afghanistan to produce measurable results it only makes sense for President Biden to withdraw US troops from the region. However, withdrawing from the region will have some consequences both politically and socially.

  • OPINION | Wanted: Young Labor Leaders

    For the last forty years pundits have wondered if labor unions are still relevant. Pointing to history and the current state of the workforce, most millennials will likely answer yes.

  • OPINION | Canada Should Experiment with German-Style Universities

    In light of the current static and outdated state of Canada’s university system a change to a different model may be able to bridge these gaps. The German model in particular may be the perfect system for policymakers to experiment with.

  • Homelessness Reduction and Police Abolition: The Case for an Interlinked Process

    The recent rise in homelessness and detention rates during the pandemic has raised concerns about the interconnectedness of race, prison and homelessness in Canada. Reallocating funds from police budgets to social housing budgets has the potential to address this issue.

  • OPINION | Canada’s Reverse Robin Hood Housing Policy

    The federal government has pledged to introduce a modest, targeted vacancy tax in its recent budget in order to tamp down on the speculative housing activity that has grown during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is difficult to imagine that such a small measure will make much of a difference on the overall costs and a responsible government would, before introducing new initiatives, examine and eliminate perverse incentives in this realm which previous have put in place and which continue to contribute to an overheating market.

  • OPINION | Whose party is it?

    Despite the disarray of the Republican Party currently, the Democratic Party has not been able to capitalize on the confusion due to internal conflict of their own as various factions within the  Party battle it out for hearts and minds and control. The “ruling” faction is assumed to reflect the priorities of the Party’s majority and will determine everything from new planks in the Party’s platform, plum committee assignments, and most importantly how the Party operates. 

  • FEATURED: OPINION | The Necessity of Open-Access Data in the Digital Future

    A critical step is in the process of being taken with the ways in which data resources are being shared as a means of expediting the scientific response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A step that could not only permanently alter our global trajectory, but that is essential for contemporary society to find solid ground should we wish to withstand the tides to come.  

  • OPINION | Nova Scotia Strong: One Year Later

    One year after the 2020 mass shooting in Portapique, Nova Scotia by Gabriel Wortman politicians recognized the tragic day with moments of silence, tweets of remembrance and kind words, and speeches honouring the victims. Yet, none of these acts have significantly shifted either public policy or the societal normalization of intimate partner violence. This lack of action stems from the masculine nature of the state, which has a tendency to subvert feminist issues and voices.