Our Values


The 21st Century’s social and political environment is the most polarized that it has ever been in the last few decades. With radical populism on both sides of the political spectrum being on the rise there is a need now more than ever for a civil society that is well informed and willing to engage and debate respectfully with those who have different ideas and perspectives.

Given that civil society and the political environment are interconnected to the degree that a change in one always translates to a shift in the other, here at Conversationally Speaking we are dedicated to providing a platform through which individuals can foster connections with others who are on different areas of the political spectrum. Our goal is to foster connections to create a more tolerant and less polarized civil society and political environment.

All our readers are diverse, and this does not encompass just people of diverse cultures and races. Diversity, as is championed by CS magazine also refers to those who may have different ideas and perspectives on issues and current events, some of which may be in line with mainstream thinking and others who may be controversially against it. No matter which category our readers and analysts fall in, each perspective has something to offer today’s society. We recognize that these perspectives have all been shaped by different life experiences and upbringings and as a result, to adequately represent our readers, we are striving to recruit analysts from different countries and lifestyles.

While our magazine is committed to helping society grow and progress forward through the generation of new ideas and theories we are also deeply concerned with the professional and personal growth of our analysts. By providing the opportunity to engage with issues and problems from a variety of fields we aim to facilitate the intellectual growth of our writers. Personally, we also hope that the chance for our analysts to engage with industry experts and writers as well as other up-and-coming researchers will allow them to grow in their personal lives.