Enya Hamel

The Evolution of Revolution

The nation of Belarus is bursting to the seams with protests against Europe’s so-called “last dictator”. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who holds a totalitarian grip, has failed to eradicate the protests despite conducting mass arrests and torture. President Lukashenko lives in a euphoric Soviet past and has proved to stop at almost nothing to maintain his totalitarian grip over Belarusian society. Currently, there is an ongoing conflict between a civil society striving for national change and a stubborn tyrant adamant to maintain a Soviet-like state. Who will come out on top of this crisis? Belarusian society will overthrow President Lukashenko if they continue to stubbornly protest.

What Trump Didn’t Do

Despite being a central factor in the impeachment proceedings against President Trump, it was not what led to President Zelensky’s plummeting approval ratings. Instead, this can be attributed to corruption, war and COVID-19.