The Evolution of Revolution

The nation of Belarus is bursting to the seams with protests against Europe’s so-called “last dictator”. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who holds a totalitarian grip, has failed to eradicate the protests despite conducting mass arrests and torture. President Lukashenko lives in a euphoric Soviet past and has proved to stop at almost nothing to maintain his totalitarian grip over Belarusian society. Currently, there is an ongoing conflict between a civil society striving for national change and a stubborn tyrant adamant to maintain a Soviet-like state. Who will come out on top of this crisis? Belarusian society will overthrow President Lukashenko if they continue to stubbornly protest. 

The Lobbying Debate in Latin America

Lobby regulation is frequently recommended as an important measure that governments should implement to reduce corruption. However, that is not the case for Latin America where most citizens lack a basic understanding of the policy-making process. A change in citizens’ perceptions about lobbying activities is thus a prior necessity, especially considering the background of most countries in the region when it comes to corruption. 

Worlds Apart: COVID19 and the Roma community in Slovakia

COVID19 has exacerbated the discrimination and challenges faced by the Roma community in Slovakia. Their precarious living conditions and safety need to be addressed by the Government. More accountability and action needs to be provided by the Government to alleviate the struggles they face. This is essential before unity can be achieved between Slovakia and the Roma community. 

The Implications of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) Crisis

The construction, filling, and operating of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is a major threat in an already troubled region. This paper will be examining the historical context as well as the implications of the situation in order to highlight that new approaches to the current issue should be pursued in order to come up with a fair, beneficial solution for the damaged parties.

What Trump Didn’t Do

Despite being a central factor in the impeachment proceedings against President Trump, it was not what led to President Zelensky’s plummeting approval ratings. Instead, this can be attributed to corruption, war and COVID-19.